OpenSym 2018, Paris, August 22-24

OpenSym 2018, the 14th International Symposium on Open Collaboration, will take place in Paris (, France on

August 22-24, 2018

The program chair for this year is Matt Germonprez, Mutual of Omaha Associate Professor
Information Systems College of Information Science & Technology, University of Nebraska Omaha.

All the submissions are done via the EasyChair platform, here:

We will be pleased to welcome, as keynote speakers,

We are looking for research submissions as well as industry and community submissions on topics relevant to

  • IT-driven open innovation,
  • open data,
  • open education,
  • open access and open science,
  • collaborative “citizen” science,
  • open law,

In addition to:

  • free/libre/open source software and inner source,
  • wikis and open collaboration, and Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects.

The research paper submission deadline is:

March 15th, 2018

All the submissions are done via the EasyChair platform, here:

PhD students, don’t forget that there is, before the symposium, a doctorial consortium on August, 21st. The OpenSym Doctoral Consortium provides an opportunity for doctoral students to present and develop their research in an interdisciplinary workshop, facilitated by a panel of senior researchers and peers.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Paris!

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